About Us

NISSA brand was born from the strong values that it will always stay true to: elegance, femininity, quality, dedication, passion and creativity.

In 2002 a young and creative team designed the first NISSA collection. Now the fabulous adventure continues with the same focus on femininity and elegance, fine fabrics and impeccable details. Our looks are not just garments, but statements that carry on the tales of both of the maker and the wearer. The collections stand out through their elaborated details, with a strong focus on handmade accessories. The rich array of garments, colors and styles fuses fashionable silhouettes with excellent design in collections created for confident women, regardless of age and personality. The story of timeless elegance is crafted beyond scissors, sketches and patterns. It begins with the fiber. The artistry and passion within are embodied in fabrics that reveal their story upon a single touch.
It all begins with choosing the right fabrics, allowing free expression of absolute femininity, modern elegance and classic-chic silhouettes for the strong woman. NISSA is passionate about classic pieces and believes in emphasizing the feminine essence through excellent quality products and personal shopping assistance in a distinguished atmosphere. This is the NISSA design philosophy, choosing to tell touching stories and sprinkling passion and dedication along with talent and creativity to transform the narrative in reality.

In only one phrase, our product has been defined by our clients and partners as “luxury at an affordable price”.